Buderim 9 Challenge & Argon Law


Buderim 9 Challenge & Argon Law

We are a fortunate and unique community in our ability to live, work, educate and play together.

And that's exactly what Sunshine Coast law firm, Argon Law is doing when it comes to its involvement in the iconic Buderim 9 Challenge!

Maroochydore-based Argon Law is proudly the principal sponsor of this exciting annual community phenomenon.

The Sunshine Coast’s toughest hill cycle ride, the Buderim 9 Challenge is an annual charity fundraising event which takes place on the Sunday immediately before Christmas, with enormous success. The objective for cyclists is to climb as many of the nine, very steep hills around Buderim mountain as you can in three hours, starting at 5 am and finishing at 8 am.  The objective of the whole event is to raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy League.

The event is a fabulous example of individuals within our community and local businesses coming together for a common cause and a bit of fun and personal challenge.

Recent years have seen more 200 riders, up to 18 sponsors, many amazing donations of goods, time, sweat and money, with gross proceeds exceeding $40,000 and net proceeds exceeding $20,000 per annum!

The funds raised are distributed throughout the year to children and families on the Sunshine Coast living with Cerebral Palsy. We take this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks for the efforts of all those who have helped to make this event such an extraordinary success.

At the 2016 Sunshine Coast Australia Day Awards, the Buderim 9 Challenge Organising Committee was recognised for its efforts and nominted in the Community Gorup of the Year category.

We hope to see you participating again this year. Let's GET OVER IT! together again!  Click on the link below to view a short video of the 2015 event.

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