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Argon Law is your go-to legal partner for comprehensive assistance in the various aspects of Body Corporate law. Our dedicated team of Sunshine Coast lawyers is equipped to provide expert guidance and support across a range of services, ensuring that your Body Corporate matters are handled with precision and efficiency.

Our Body Corporate lawyers are well-versed in providing legal expertise across various facets, including Body Corporate Committees, Management Rights, Body Corporate Disputes, and Development within the Community Title framework. We understand the unique challenges that may arise in these areas and are dedicated to offering tailored solutions that meet the distinct needs of our clients.

With a successful track record, we've earned the trust of our clients. If you're in the Sunshine Coast region, from Noosa to Caloundra, the Hinterland, and beyond, we're here to assist you. 

How Can Argon Law Help with Body Corporate?

  • Body Corporate Committees: Our experienced legal professionals can assist Body Corporate Committees on the Sunshine Coast in navigating the complexities of governance, compliance, and decision-making. 
  • Management Rights: Understanding the intricacies of Management Rights is crucial for both property owners and managers. Argon Law offers expert assistance in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing management agreements.
  • Body Corporate Disputes: In the event of disputes within a Body Corporate, our team is well-versed in dispute resolution solutions. From mediation to legal representation, we work diligently to find efficient and amicable solutions. 
  • Development – Community Title: We can assist with the legal aspects of land subdivision, community titles, and other development-related matters for our Sunshine Coast clients. 
  • Compliance and Legal Advice: Argon Law provides up-to-date legal advice on legislative changes and compliance matters regarding Body Corporate law. Whether you need assistance with by-law amendments or legal opinions on specific issues, we are here to keep your Body Corporate in legal alignment.

With Argon Law, you can trust that your Body Corporate matters are in capable hands. Our commitment to excellence and client-focused approach ensures that you receive tailored solutions that address your unique needs when it comes to Body Corporate law.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can assist.

Body Corporate Committees

Whether you are establishing a new committee, addressing procedural matters, or seeking guidance on day-to-day operations, Argon Law is here to provide clear and practical advice.

The committees of bodies corporate accept the very onerous task of managing the affairs of the body corporate on behalf of all members. This includes dealing with a range of different contractors including the body corporate manager and the caretaker. It also includes decisions about requests and complaints from members and the protection and maintenance of body corporate assets.

At Argon Law, we have great experience advising committees and members across the Sunshine Coast and Noosa in respect of all such matters.

Management Rights

We can guide you through the legal aspects of property management, ensuring that your rights and responsibilities are clearly defined and protected.

Body Corporate management rights are valuable business assets created by virtue of contracts with bodies corporate for the caretaking of common property and for authority to operate as a letting agent of the apartments in the scheme.

As property lawyers, we have extensive experience in advising developers, body corporate committees and the holders of management rights about the establishment, extension and sale of management rights businesses.

Body Corporate Disputes

Who makes the rules around pets? Can pets be banned from units? At Argon Law, we are frequently consulted about disputes over the keeping of pets in community titles schemes.

In a body corporate context, disputes can arise between many different parties including between members and the body corporate itself or its committee.

Our goal is to protect your interests and ensure that conflicts are resolved in a manner that minimises disruption to the community.

As property law solicitors, we have extensive experience advising and assisting clients in respect of such disputes which often revolve around the interpretation of body corporate by-laws and the relevant regulations.

Bodies Corporate and Pets | Body Corporate By-Laws

Development – Community Title

For developers involved in Community Title projects, Argon Law offers valuable legal counsel.

We are experienced commercial and property lawyers, and we have extensive experience acting for developers of community title projects, from the simplest of duplexes in two lot schemes, to residential towers with ground floor commercial, to the most complex multi-layered schemes built over multiple stages. Our expertise ensures that your development projects adhere to legal requirements, mitigating potential issues and promoting a smooth development process.

We also advise developers in establishing management rights to be sold off the plan with the residential lots.

Exclusive Use By-laws: Community title schemes

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