“I would have no hesitation in recommending Argon Law and have done… and the predominant reason for that is the very strong technical skills, the common sense advice and the excellent communication.”

John Cunningham, Partner, Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants, Sunshine Coast

"Argon Law have very professionally cared for all the clients we have referred to them hence the reason we continue to promote their services as a leading law firm on the Sunshine Coast.
Should you be in current need of great legal representation do yourself a favour and do not look past Argon Law."

Damian Slade, Slade Property

"John is the only Solicitor in the world that I have used more than once and will continue to use."

Rob Tomlinson, Director, Incremental Improvements Australia

"Your advice has been really helpful and professional."

Cameron Traill, Director, TCL Environmental

"They were professional, friendly and explained everything really clearly. It made for a very pleasant experience."

Caroline Thompson, Suncoast Bolts & Fasteners

“John was able to respond immediately when we required legal assistance at short notice. His advice was pragmatic and effective and I am happy to recommend him to anyone seeking sound commercial legal advice. John is a person of integrity and I found him to be worthy of my trust."

Graham Tanner, Microsoft Australia

"Excellent service. Extremely professional."

Chris Cauchi

"Your services were very professional and yet warm."

Wendy Begg

"Fantastic service, advice and staff."

Cathleen Campbell

"John was very thorough and efficient in his work. He was a very open communicator and took the time to answer all questions simply. He put me at ease immediately. Very happy."

Anna Neilsen

"My experience with Argon Law can be summed up with the words:Very Professional, Friendly, Efficient, Easy to Work With. My experience first entailed a phone call to Argon Law to enquire about the process of obtaining Probate for a deceased Estate. I was referred to John Gallagher (the Principal) who kindly answered all my questions without any pressure to use his firm. When asked for a quote to perform the work for me, it was readily given. Next came a visit to their offices where I was pleasantly surprised at the welcome by friendly staff, shown to a private office and offered a tea or coffee. John came in to meet me for a chat and then introduced me to the member of his staff who handled Probate matters. I certainly would use them again when/if needed."

Bob Snowball

"10/10 - because my family's various dealings with your company (conveyancing, wills) have been carried out very efficiently and professionally, which has built up our trust in your integrity. (Can't say that about all lawyers!) Cheers."

Anne K

"Argon Law is honest, professional, forthcoming with advice and all our queries are answered quickly. Other firms have disappointed us in the past so knowing we are dealing with absolute professionals has taken the stress out of otherwise high-pressure legal transactions.
Thanks team!"

Loris Gordon

"Expert handling of our legal matters. All done in a very efficient manner.
A pleasure to deal with John Gallagher."

Paul Cotterell

"Reliable, Professional, Friendly, Punctual."

Ian Kennedy

"Because of attention to detail; and because the staff are approachable and accommodating."

Barry Smith

"Excellent support. Videos fantastic! Personlisation and friendly professionalism so valued. It was such a professional experience dealing with yourselves throughout our recent conveyancing."

Bella Hudson, Empanada Pty Ltd

"Great service and communication."

Sean Boucher

"An innovative experienced approach to resolve legal matters with integrity, not only in guarding our interests but also those of other parties."

Bruce Robinson, B S Robinson Pty Ltd

"John is the best solicitor I have ever used, and the only one I have used more than once."

Robert Tomlinson, Incremental Improvements Australia

"Great service, down-to-earth lawyers, easy to work with."

Dean Randall

"I have used John Gallagher personally and I refer my clients to him with confidence."

Pippa Colman, Pippa Colman & Associates, Family Law Solicitors

"Knowledgeable, proactive and trustworthy."

John Smallwood

"Professional, and communication was excellent."

Ryan Goodingham

"As accountants, we need to make sure that the advice we offer is of top quality and without question. As such, based on our past experiences with John Gallagher and Argon Law, we are more than comfortable putting our name forward to support John and his business."

Matthew van Mourik, ABA Partners Qld

“Thank you, John Gallagher, and Argon Law for your legal advice and the information we are receiving from your video series. We find the series most informative. Good Luck with your future on the Sunshine Coast.”

Bernice O'Brien

“Great service from John and the team, John is a very experienced and genuine man who will be able to help you and your business.”

Marilyn Black, Harlequin Blinds and Security

"Essentially the most important thing in my mind is to feel confident that your solicitor/counsel is "in your corner". I absolutely have that confidence in John and his team who have sensitively and expertly assisted me in my legal needs. I am most certainly an on-going client of Argon Law."

Janette Tegg

"Great service and response times."

Andrew O'Connor, Marine Apartments

"Did the job I needed to be done."

Graeme Whittaker

"I chose a 9 because I think they went beyond just a fee and were able to answer all my questions in simple terms."

William Willson

"John Gallagher is a professional and experienced lawyer. I have no hesitation with referring him or his business to others needing legal services."

Jos Eegdeman, Copycat Printers

"Always available and helpful."

Edward Ringrose

“I was in need of some expert legal advice for my company that I had worked hard for most of my working life to achieve, I was dismayed, after speaking with several other firms and being disappointed with their unsympathetic and meek approach which gave me great consternation. Then I found John Gallagher the principal from ARGON LAW. During my initial telephone conversation with John I knew then he would be the one that would do his best to help me in what can only be described as a traumatic situation unfolding before my eyes and time was truly of the essence. I found John Gallagher to be a true professional, bright, highly ethical and most importantly, compassionate and committed to the rights of his client, me. Whenever I would meet with John and all my communication with him he was always eager and sure of keeping me apprised of the happenings in our case. The warmth, professionalism partnered with the commitment and attention to every last detail by John Gallagher from ARGON LAW is unparalleled. I would highly encourage his legal services to anyone in need.”

Jason Birkett, Kauri Kitchens & Joinery

"Having had one good experience with Argon Law, we have since re-engaged them on other projects and we can confirm the approach they take is a consistent one. They are the only Legal Professionals we have used more than once, and indeed the only Legal Professionals we will use. You will not go wrong with the professional approach of the whole team at Argon Law."

Rob Tomlinson, Incremental Improvements Australia Pty Ltd

"With the recognition of being one of the authorities in his field, it is no wonder that John from Argon Law is the one you can trust. Through difficult times he is the person that you want on your side. Turning the complicated into uncomplicated."

Ariel Inigo, Mentee Co.

"I have used Argon Law for a couple of different matters now and the personal service has been fantastic. Even though my matters were relatively small, I felt like I received plenty of time and attention."

Amy Turco

"Very pleased with all information and advice received."

Fiona Francis

"When I made my enquiry I was put through to a solicitor who provided some useful information and followed up shortly after with an email and the next steps go forward. Exceptional service!"

Tonia O'Meara

"Good measured advice right through the process. John took the time to explain the various implications of any actions before they were taken. Many thanks John."

Gregory Dobbs

"I had great service at a reasonable price. Thanks."

Randy Atkinson

"Argon Law were easy to do business with especially at a time that was quite difficult for me. My conveyancing issues were sorted easily for me."

Lynne Lennox

"Professional team. Careful educated advice. Prompt service"

Ramez Khalil, Director, Star Accounting and Administration Services

"10 / 10 - knowledge, excellent at communicating"

Thom McDonnell

"10/10 - Great service."

Maria Innes

"John Gallagher and the team st Argon Law are always easy to deal with, very professional and act on requests in a timely manor."

David Hallett

"Said it before, we have used many solicitors once, but only one solicitor many times, and that is Argon Law."

Rob Tomlinson, Director, Incremental Improvements Australia

"You guys have always been more than generous and open with real information. Trustable and practical. You invest in the community with your knowledge." Kimberley Lingard,

Kimberley Lingard, Hospitality Help

"Thorough. Reliable. Up-to-date."

Casey MacNeil, Director, Macneil & Co

"John and the team at Argon Law are professional, courteous and great to deal with! Highly recommend."

Fiona Pocock, The Palm Guys

"Efficient, accurate and friendly service. Just what we need when it comes to our conveyancing needs."

Jeremy Burns

"Good, honest advice."

Samantha Reiter

"I have no hesitation in sending John clients. A family member passed away and it was stressful for the husband in dealing with his grief let alone trying to sort out properties, bank accounts and all else that goes with the loss of a wife. I referred him to John, who not only helped with the legal matters, but gave the client valuable information so he could proceed with the multitude of things that need to be done in this situation. Thankyou John, at Argon Law."

Marilyn Black, Harlequin Blinds and Security

"We trust John implicitly. We always know the advice that he gives us will be best for our family."

Dr Sandra Peters, General Practitioner

"We are happy to refer clients to John. We do so with confidence. For my clients, I'm looking for someone who will care for them as much as I do.... I've never had a single complaint from a client that I've referred to John. In fact, a lot of them come back and thank me and say how much he's helped."

Pippa Colman, Director, Pippa Colman and Associates Family Lawyers

"Argon Law were easy to do business with, especially at a time that was quite difficult for me. My conveyancing issues were sorted easily for me."

Lynne Lennox

"John made the process seem simple. He took care of all the things I didnt understand and was also able to guide the other party's solicitors. We are hoping to purchase another business soon and will definitely use John. We have already recommended John and Argon Law to many others."

Angie Clues

"They are very professional and work with the client in a timely and ethical manner."

Brenda Chandler

"People are professional and caring. Everything was completed in a timely manner."

Susie Auddino

"10/10 - They are quick and do excellent work."

Andrew Reynolds

"Argon Law provide professional and trusted services."

Ramez Khalil

"John really cares about your business, how it's going and how he can assist you. He cares about his clients and the outcomes for them, and in their personal lives as well. That's unheard of in all the dealings I've had with other solicitors, and there has been many. So, I think that really distinguishes John and his team."

Terry Frey, Principal, Emerge Planning and Development

"Great service and communication."

Margi Stamford

"My experience to date with Argon Law has been a series of pleasant surprises.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of personal interaction, that is I feel valued as a person rather than managed as a client.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of pro-activity displayed in our discussions and in the interpretation of our instructions.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and turn around times.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge and breadth of expertise.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of generosity and good will displayed.
And most surprising of all I have found myself actually looking forward to the next phases of our various dealings, as rather than being tedious, I find it a stimulating and collaborative process."

David Fellows, Noltis Prime

"Did a good job. Informed. Great communication."

William Willson

“John Gallagher has been our family and business lawyer over the past 8 years. We have developed a relationship which we are very comfortable with. John has done extensive work for us over a range of subjects. He has proven to be very thorough, decisive, forthright, courteous and honourable. Our interests include property investments, a retail business and a Guesthouse. I would highly recommend him.”

Joe da Silva, The Silva Spoon

"Quick responses and service. Friendly and helpful advice. [They] don't try to push for more business."

Marion Gray

"Efficient and very helpful. Great staff to deal with."

Lois & Christopher Hagen

"Professional service, trustworthy and experienced team."

Ramez Khalil, Star Accounting and Administration Services Pty Ltd

"I have always found John very knowledgeable and approachable at a reasonable rate."

John Cunningham, Partner, Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants, Sunshine Coast

"10/10 - Absolutely professional and client oriented."

Robert Hope

"This firm is very reliable, gives accurate advice and has a lot of integrity."

Leanne Farmiloe

"10/10 - Because we received good honest advise. It saved us from making a big mistake. Thank you."

I. Haussman

"Very understanding and supportive during stressful or difficult situations. Thank you!"

Melissa Drury, MD Cosmetic and Skin Care Clinic

“As a firm we’ve always found our dealings with John and the team at Argon Law exceptionally professional, the communication has been great and we’ve always felt that John has been on top of the brief.”

John Cunningham, Partner, Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants, Sunshine Coast

"John was very diligent, supportive and skillful in all his actions as well as being responsive and available, I wasn't palmed off to junior staff and so the service is much higher quality than your average law firm model."

Jeremy Harmon

"You explain things clearly for us to understand."

Ian and Sharon Pluis

"Very friendly and professional; happy to answer queries."

Warren Heywood

"Just excellent service and attention to detail and in pretty quick time... not to mention really nice staff!"

James Brierley

"Quick to respond to requests. No lag time and service is great."

Margi Stamford

"Argon Law provided excellent estate planning advice and alerted me to many factors I had not considered. We will continue to use Argon Law."

Heath L'Estrange, WebAdventures

"I have used Argon Law twice and on both occasions was highly satisfied with the personalised and helpful assistance I received."

Merryn Falk

"Very knowledgeable and flexible so as to meet individual needs."

William and Christine

10/10 - Professional team. Careful, educated advice. Prompt service."

Ramez Khalil

"Dealing with John at Argon Law is always a pleasure. He makes the confusing world of law so much simpler, and his knowledge of the law is outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John from Argon Law to anyone in need of legal services."

Jon Colley, Director, Loan Wize

"Excellent knowledge of all facets of the law coupled by impeccable service."

Mark Maller, Dam 26

"Dedicated, informed and real-people service."

Barry Smith

"10/10 - Because you care about the client and you listen."

Samuel Laing

"10 out of 10: Well balanced, sound legal advice."

Roderick Chandler

Rated us 9/10 for "the quality of your work". Thanks Julie!

Julie Jones

"Very responsive and accessible. Good advice."

Ian Greggery

"Just excellent service and attention to detail and in pretty quick time... not to mention really nice staff!"

James Brierley

"Always prompt and constructive."

Anthony Munns

"Professional advice and a trouble free transaction."

K & S Otte

"10/10 - professional, reliable & honest."

Christopher Mullins

"Wonderful service, very helpful, very friendly staff."

Caral Wagner

"Service and INTEGRITY - which are very important to me. (Not sure I trust all lawyers, accountants, etc - you hear and read of SO many bad examples). Argon was recommended to me by a trusted person, and Argon has proven to live up to my expectations on both service and integrity, which is not easy as my standards are high."

Anne Keast

"The service levels at Argon Law are just first class. We have had a number of legal issues that we have needed advice on over the last few years. Every time John and his team have provided us with a stress free solution, which provided us with an acceptable outcome."

Spencer Ives

"I feel confident in trusting John and his team to work on our behalf. I appreciate his willingness to explain the reasons behind his recommendations which enables us to make informed decisions. I also appreciate that I am able to question without being made to feel like an idiot."

Robyn Grivell

"Made a legal process that we were not familiar with, very clear and understandable. Felt completely confident that we were in good hands!"

Brendon McIntosh

"Great team. Staff were both knowledgeable and supportive."

Neville & Annie Vearing

"Professional and well regarded on the Coast."

Laura Fox, Head of People & Culture, Suncare Community Services Ltd