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Argon Law is your trusted partner for comprehensive guidance for all your business and commercial law requirements. With a wealth of experience, we pride ourselves on being "The Counsel You Keep", providing unwavering support to both commercial entities and businesses in managing their ongoing legal needs.

Why should you choose Argon Law for your Business and Commercial Law Needs on the Sunshine Coast?

Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore, our approachable and welcoming team ensures that our clients are at the forefront of every interaction. Our extensive portfolio includes assisting a diverse range of businesses, from startups to well-established enterprises, and our reputation has led to frequent referrals from fellow legal professionals for more intricate matters. While based in Maroochydore, we service businesses and clients across the Sunshine Coast region, from Noosa to Caloundra, the Hinterland and surrounding areas.

What business and commercial law services can we assist with?

We offer a comprehensive range of legal services designed to address the diverse challenges that businesses face.

Our expertise covers a wide array of areas, including but not limited to, buying and selling businesses, or shares in companies that own businesses, crafting shareholder and partnership agreements, structuring share and unit sale agreements, drafting commercial contracts, terms of trade, navigating loans and mortgages, handling matters related to the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA), managing trusts and corporate services, offering insights into franchising, and addressing unique fields such as arts law and equine law.

Compliance with local and international regulations is paramount for any business. We offer regulatory advice tailored to your industry and geographic scope, assisting you in navigating legal landscapes and avoiding potential pitfalls. From employment law matters such as drafting employment contracts or advising on restraint of trade disputes to advising on data privacy and cybersecurity concerns, we provide comprehensive legal support across all facets of business operations.

Should disputes arise, our adept team is well-versed in dispute resolution and commercial litigation, providing efficient and effective solutions to safeguard your interests.

How can Argon Law support your Sunshine Coast business?

Our mission is to not only provide top-tier legal representation but to also become your strategic partners, invested in your success. Whether you're a small business owner or a corporate executive, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals while ensuring that your legal interests are safeguarded every step of the way.

Buying and Selling a Business

There are many legal issues to consider before you buy or sell a business. For buyers, we can conduct a legal due diligence of a business before you commit unconditionally. For sellers, we can help you to understand what you can do from a legal perspective to prepare your business for sale. As experienced commercial solicitors, we can assist in the drafting and negotiation of business sale contracts and, once you have a signed contract, we can act for you through to completion and beyond.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

When people go in to business together, either as partners, as shareholders in a company or as unitholders in a trust, it is important to document the terms of the arrangements between those parties. This will often include conditions about how the business is to be managed and the process to be followed when one party seeks to sell his or her share. We can offer guidance about what such agreements should cover and draft and negotiate all relevant documentation.

Buy Sell Agreements

Share and Unit Sale Agreements

Many of our clients buy and sell shares in companies and units in trusts holding business assets. We often draft or review share and unit sale agreements. Where companies and trusts hold business assets, we can conduct a legal due diligence of those assets for buyers and, for sellers, help them to understand from a legal perspective how to prepare their assets for sale.

Share and Unit Sale Agreements

Commercial Contracts

We regularly act for clients in respect of a very broad range of commercial contracts including agency agreements, licence deeds, services agreements, confidentiality deeds and deeds of restraint. We can draft contracts to suit all types of business and commercial arrangements and also review and advise you on any kind of contract you may be required to sign.

We also have the experience to guide you through the negotiation process to achieve practical outcomes and to add value to your business.

Buy Sell Process Contracts in Procurement

Terms of Trade

Businesses should clearly document the terms of their agreements with customers and other parties that they deal with. We can tailor such terms for all aspects of your business including customer agreements, supply and purchase agreements and licensing or distribution agreements.

Terms of Trade

Loans, Mortgages and Guarantees

We can assist both borrowers and lenders to document their financial arrangements. This includes preparing and negotiating loan agreements and putting in place security such as mortgages. We also explain loan and guarantee documents and provide independent solicitor certificates.

Personal Property Securities Act

This legislation governs how security is taken over all assets in Australia, other than real estate. All business owners should consider the impact of this legislation on their operation. We can advise you about this and all other aspects of the law in respect of security and finance.

Personal Property - All property other than real estate

Trusts and Corporate Services

It is important to understand the implications of the various options open to you in establishing legal entities to own property or business assets. We have broad experience in advising clients on the establishment of companies and trusts for such purposes and in many other areas of corporate law and trust law.

Discretionary Trusts


The franchising industry is heavily regulated. The Franchising Code of Conduct applies to a very broad range of business models. We can provide advice on all aspects of franchising and have extensive experience in preparing, reviewing and advising on franchise agreements and disclosure statements.

Considering buying a franchise? Watch this.

Ownership Structures

On our legal team, we understand that the foundation of your business's success often lies in its ownership structure. With a wealth of experience in business law, we are well-equipped to advise on the optimal setup for your business, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, trust or a more complex structure tailored to your specific needs.
We provide comprehensive guidance on the implications of each ownership model, including liability exposure, tax considerations, regulatory compliance, and governance issues. By aligning your business goals with the most suitable ownership structure, we can help ensure that your venture is not only protected but also positioned for sustainable growth and protected from risk in the future. Let us navigate the intricacies of business law on your behalf, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Business Structures

Business Succession

Taking the time to carefully plan and execute the transfer of your business from one generation to another or to a new owner is crucial and ensures the continuity and function of the business. It's true that starting the planning process and navigating all of the options can be daunting, but that's where your lawyer and accountant can help.

When we take a look at all of the family and private businesses in Australia, only a third have succession plans. This means a huge amount of business value is being lost. Argon Law can help to ensure you have a strategy in place when the unthinkable happens.

Family or Discretionary Trusts

Argon Law regularly assists in the creation, management, and administration of these trusts, ensuring that your assets are protected, and your family's financial future is secure.

We provide personalised advice on how to best utilise trusts to manage and distribute your wealth according to your wishes, while also considering tax implications, asset protection, and succession planning.

Our expertise extends to advising trustees on their duties and responsibilities, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and minimising potential disputes among beneficiaries. Let us help you secure your legacy with confidence and discretion.

Family Loans

Family loans can be a sensitive and complex matter, blending personal relationships with financial transactions. Argon Law can look after the drafting, negotiating, and managing of family loan agreements that protect both the lender and the borrower within the family.

Our expertise ensures that your loan agreement is clear, legally binding, and crafted to prevent misunderstandings or disputes. We guide you through the necessary legal formalities to safeguard your interests, including the proper documentation of the loan terms, repayment schedules, and any security interests.

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