Terms of Trade

Oct 20

Are you starting a new business? Do you provide goods or services for customer or clients?
In this video John Gallagher, solicitor from Argon Law provides the information you need when writing your Terms of Trade, to avoid unnecessary problems.
You terms of trade should include how long you will allow a customer to pay it's account and what the consequences are if they don't pay on time.
To reduce your risk and exposure to certain outcomes of terms of trade agreements, specify what you do or don't take responsibility for.
Ever wondered what a business personal guarantee is? When you're working with a company it's important to obtain a personal guarantee, so you have a written document that shows they agree to your terms of trade.
It's very important to understand how your insure the terms of trade are binding on customers. It's not enough to print them on the back of your invoices.
If you would like assistance in this area, let the experienced team at Argon Law, update or tailor the terms of trade for your business.