Resumption of Land: Rights to your land and compensation

Oct 20

Are you concerned about your land being taken by a government or council? In this video John Gallagher, director of Argon Law provides information on the resumption of land in Queensland.

The resumption process is commenced with a Notice of Intention to Resume which sets the purpose for which the land is used. The landowner has the right to object, at an objection meeting specified in the notice.

You can object on a number of reasons, and if your objection is disregarded by the authority, you can challenge this in the courts.

If you don't challenge or don't object, the authority will proceed with obtaining your lands. You will be paid compensation. The compensation payable will by the market value of the land upon the time of it being taken. Disturbance items will be compensated for as well, which include the land owners valuation, legal fees and relocation costs.

Argon Law is here to help.

We hope you are now better prepared if you are served with a notice of intention to resume your land. Please note this article is to be used as a guide only and we encourage you to get in touch with one of our experienced land resumption lawyers to ensure your matter is handled in your best interest. 

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